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Company Overview

Established in 1996 and listed in 2009 in the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Qinfa is a non-state group company including coal mines, coal loading stations and shipping .

With the development of nearly 20 years, the total assets and annual turnover of the Group reached 15 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan respectively.

The main business of Qinfa Group are thermal coal mining , filtering & blending, transportation and marketing & trading. Through many years 'development, Qinfa group has built a highly efficient system for coal production, transportation and sales. Moreover, Qinfa has cultivated a efficient and proficient management team and is one of the earliest non-state coal companies.

Following the transition of the national strategy, the Group has also entered into a new era of transition. In the economic troughs of recent years, the Group has stepped into different fields such as Internet, Intelligent Logistics, coal-electricity integration, One Belt One Road, and Free Trade Zone etc..

Development History

Main Business

Shipping Business4 self owned bulk cargo ships with total capacity of 300k DWT

E-commerce Business Satisfy the need for short distance transportation and provide automobile transportation service in the surrounding areas through auto-transportation platform

Coal Business Involve in thermal coal mining , filtering & blending, transportation and marketing & trading.

Logistics Business Transport the coal from the west of China to the power plant clients in the east of China through Yangyuan, Shuozhou and Datong coal loading stations

Coal Business

Chongsheng Coal Mine

Fengxi Coal Mine

Xingtao Coal Mine

Hongyuan Coal Mine

Xinglong Coal Mine

  • ●  The Group has a proficient coal mining management team
  • ●  5 coal mines apply advanced long wall mining techniques, and trackless rubber-tyred subsidiary haulage systems
  • ●  Cost is 50-100 yuan/ton lower than the similar coal mines in
  • ●  surrounding areas and become the benchmarkingcoal mine
  • ●  Coal reserve of the 5 coal mines is 233million tons
  • ●  Raw coal production more than 10 Mt/ year
  • ●  Own 80% equity in Chongsheng, Fengxi, Xingtao coal mine, which are located in Shuozhou of Shanxi , China
  • ●  Own 100% equity in Hongyuan, Xinglong coal mine,which are loacated in Xinzhou of Shanxi, China
  • ●  The capacity of each coal mine is between 0.9-1.5 Mt/a.

Raw coal production volume

The coal price declined from 2012-2013 and the Raw coal production volume increased accordingly. The coal price from 2015-2016 delinked and the coal production volume decreased accordingly.

Raw coal production volume

Annual output of each cola mine is above 900,000 tons/year;
Well above the national
limited Standard;
Coal price rebounded
in 2017, coal production volume increased.

Coal Business

Leading Position Maintain long-term leading position in coal trading business

Professional Team Specialize in domestic and overseas operation

Rich Experience Years of rich experience of coal trading

Extensive Channels Extensive channels of purchasing and selling coals

Main Suppliers

Main Downstream Customers

Operation Model

Shipping Business


The Group has 4 panamax bulk carries with DWT 300,000 mts

2 post-panamax bulk carries-into operation in 2011 for international global routes

1 panamax bulk carries with DWT 69000 mts for south-east Asia

1 panamax bulk carries with DWT 73000 mts –for both global and domestic routes

Diverse range of
Possess the national and international shipping qualification

Flexible operation
Depend on the market condition, provide the Group or clients with shipping service of dry bulk cargo

Depend on the market condition and self transportation need. Lease to a third party with shipping service of dry bulk cargo

Logistic Service

Taking advantage of the train transportation, load and delivery rapidly, ensure the quality and quantity. Provide the customers downstream with long-term stable and quality-assured supply.

3 of the Group’s own coal loading stations, and the annual total delivery of the other 4 coal loading stations operating cooperatively with other parties is 15 Mt.

3 self-operation loading stations located along Daqin Line, the other 4 cooperative coal loading stations located at Shuozhou, to which it only take 1 hour from our coal mines. 100% ensure the delivery of self-produce coals and sourcing coals.

Electrical Business

Auto-transportation platform professionally provide matching and interaction service between coal supply capacity and the car transportation capacity. The platform is based on optimizing the allocation of resources in the field of coal trucks and provide service to the auto market of "three west" areas (Shanxi, Shaanxi, west of Inner Mongolia ).
In the 1st trial month of auto-transportation exchange platform App, it has covered automobile transportation business in Datong and Shuozhou region relating to 10 million coal sources. It provide service to more than 500 logistics companies, and covered nearly 80% of key information areas. The number of registered lorry drivers who have soared to over 2,000.