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Corporation Vision

Become the pioneer and defender of the interest of the general public.


Core Value

Quality: Quality is reputation , the foundation we live by, the fortune we accumulate, and the promise we keep

Creativity: we always treasure the room for improvement

Society: the responsibility of improvement of social civilization, the responsibility of sustainable development of the environment, the responsibility of accumulation of the integral wealth of society

Customer: Customers, shareholders, partners are all customers. Create greatest value for our customers.


Social Responsibility

By using the creative pattern to change the present trading custom, enhance the culture improvement;

By using the scientific methods to replace the mode of production, improve the environment and reduce pollution;

By self-developing, create value for the shareholders, employees, customers, and our partners, push to accumulation of the integral wealth of society.


Qinfa Awards


Qinfa Charity

We hold a ”Qinfagroup-Towards Green Future”-theme of tree-planting social actions in December,2013 with the Hong Kong Conservancy Association.




Qinfa Impression

“New Qinfa, New Opportunity, New brilliance”——the spring festival party was held at 7:00pm in Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel on Feb14,2015. The management of the Group were present at the and spend the warm and wonderful night with 140 employees.